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Welcome to 5280 Trees, your partner in tree and shrub health care. Our service includes insect and disease diagnosis, fertilization, and treatment of trees to keep them healthy and vibrant. Learn more about why our tree care company is trusted by Lakewood residents.

Premier Tree Care Services in Lakewood, CO

In the heart of Lakewood, CO, 5280 Trees stands out with its unparalleled tree care services that go beyond mere trimming and removal. We focus on the all-encompassing health of your tree and shrub, providing preventative care against common threats like fire blight, emerald ash borer, pine beetle, bark beetle, aphids, canker, mites, and the Douglas-Fir Tussock moth. Our tree care company doesn’t just offer treatments; we are the guardians of your trees, ensuring they stand tall against diseases and pests.

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From Pinpointing Diseases to Robust Preventative Care

Our journey with your green spaces begins with a precise diagnosis of any disease or insect-related threats. Once identified, our fertilization services, coupled with targeted treatments, promise rejuvenation. Expertise in tree & shrub care and a tailored approach empowers us to protect and enhance the vitality of your lush surroundings, raising your property’s aesthetic and intrinsic value.

Harnessing Expertise for Trees That Thrive

5280 Trees in Lakewood, CO, is synonymous with comprehensive tree care services. Our commitment is rooted in the belief that every tree has a right to flourish. By recognizing threats like the destructive emerald ash borer or the relentless fire blight and ensuring timely interventions with tree fertilizer and other treatments, we make sure your green spaces don’t just survive but thrive with pride.

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